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April Ferguson

Apro Accounting & Tax Services and the Neve Broke Again Program
Work 260 Northland Blvd. Suite 208 Hamilton Cincinnati Ohio 45246 Work Phone: 513-448-1280


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Personal Financial Management Services

Never Broke Again (NBA), 501c3 Nonprofit


Community service and community involvement are important corporate values for Apro Accounting and Tax Services. To fulfill that commitment,  April Ferguson, Apro Accounting & Tax Services’ founder and CEO, formed the Never Broke Again program or NBA,  as a 501c3 nonprofit that helps low to moderate income individuals and families get control of debt and out-of-control spending and achieve financial stability.


The NBA program is a customized and individualized plan, designed to help those with out of control debt and spending stabilize their financial lives. NBA has helped dozens of individuals achieve financial peace and freedom, rebounding after foreclosures, judgments, repossessions, liens, charge-offs, late payments and collections from Pay Day Loans.


Here’s how it works: the prospective NBA participant meets in an initial, free, one-hour pre-session, where the financial coach evaluates his or her financial situation – income, debts, assets, and obligations. If he or she enters the program, the next session lasts about two hours, where participant and coach go over check stubs, bills and all other current financial papers, to develop a customized financial recovery plan.



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